Custom Tablet Manufacturing

Tablet formulation, blending, pressing, polishing, dedusting
and packaging all completed in house for your tablet supplement.

Available Tablet Forms

Develop your own tablet formulation with a target function, custom flavors, & ingredient sourcing.


Compressed tablets are most commonly used for everyday vitamins in the nutraceutical space. These are intended to be swallowed whole without chewing.


Chewable supplement tablets will deliver more of a candy or mint like experience to the users. This popular tablet type is designed to be completely chewed before swallowing.

Dissolvable drink mix tablets

Fast Melt (ODT)

Fast Melt or Orally Dissolvable Tablets are designed to be fully dissolved by in the user’s mouth. This tablet creates a unique mouth feel, and can be and important delivery method for users who may have trouble chewing or swallowing their tablet supplements.

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