Mobile Manufacturing

Spray drying, tablet pressing, and RTM beverage formulation
for the licensed medicinal and recreational cannabis partner

Mobile Manufacturing

We bring our equipment and staff to your licensed manufacturing facility. Ready to consult with your development team in the pursuit of creating new products proprietary to your brand and vision. New products which will allow you to take advantage of growing beverage, edible, solid dose, and single serve trends.

Production Capabilities

Grams installs a production spray dyer at no cost to your facility.
  • Powder Production: 2-3kg of active ingredient / 1 day.
  • Tablet Production: 250k – 1million tablets / 2-4 days.
  • Beverage Stick Production: 50-250k sticks / 2-4 days.
  • Facility build out requirements: Yes
  • Power Requirements: Yes
Ready to mix beverage powders
Cannabis Mobile Manufacturing - Production Capabilities

Develop Work Contract

A statement of work will be developed to fit your project goals and determine production schedule.

Product Development

Product research & development will be completed if necessary.

Production Equipment Installation

We work with you team to direct the build out and installation of your production spray dryer, and any other stationary equipment.

Execute Work Contract

The Grams team executes terms determined in the statement of work. Contracts available for 12-24+ months.

Bench Top Capabilities

  • Powder Production: 1-2kg of active ingredient / 3-4 days.
  • Tablet Production: 100k – 200k tablets / 2-4 days.
  • Beverage Stick Production: 20-50k sticks / 2-4 days.
  • Facility build out requirements: None
  • Power Requirements: Yes
Cannabis drink mix packs
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Product Development

Develop a beverage power, tablet or bioavailable edible Product with GRAMS.

Sample Development

Grams will R&D the product at OUR facility to deliver initial samples and approval.

Spray Dry Tolling

Schedule our team to bring benchtop powder production equipment to YOUR facility. Toll extract material in a micro encapsulated water-soluble powder.

Product Production

Grams will turn-key a finished product ready for your recreation or medical cannabis market.


Our BackgroundExpertise

The GRAMS’ team has significant experience headed up by our director of operation’s Karl Edelman. Karl’s 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and functional food arenas was focused on equipment purchase/install, the process development of various target compounds micronized into encapsulated powders and scale up of commerical production.
GRAMS was founded in 2018 by John Levesque and Karl. John's background in food science, packaging, and project management pairs nicely with Karl's lab experience. Together they have built proven turn-key manufacturing processes focused around flowable functional powders.

Mobile Manufacturing Products


Beverage Powders

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