Peach Iced Tea Beverage Powder

Yes, that is a photo taken right off of google and not an actual photo of our iced tea powder beverage… However, I believe this photo truly represents just how delicious this product is.  The Grams’ team is in love with this creation, and believes it is perfect for a unique entry into the functional beverage powder market.

Natural flavored, sweetened and packaged into custom printed stick packs.

Some Product Offering Highlights!

– Naturally Flavored & Sweetened.

– Low Calorie/Sugar Option.

– Natural Caffeine from Black Tea.

– Custom Functional Supplement Formulations.

– Cannabinoid & Mushroom Actives Available.

– Low Minimum Order Quantity for Single Serve Stick Co-packaging.

– Multiple Serving Flexible Pouches Available.

Formulation and packaging, Grams Inc. offers turn-key finished good and private label beverage powder options.

Reach out to to inquiry about creating your proprietary beverage powder product.

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